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Laura Minnear
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Dear Perfect Renovation crew,

Thank you so much for the beautiful work you've done on our two bathrooms! My husband and I couldn't be more pleased. As you are well aware :), we really struggled in the beginning to find just the right design to maximize our unusual space and you were so helpful and creative during the whole process. It looks amazing. The layouts, the tiles and fixtures... everything came out just as we envisioned. Even better!

We have worked with many contractors before and in our experience have yet to find anyone who can match your attention to detail and success in getting everything done on time.

You can be sure we'll contact you again for any future work.

All the best,

Doris and Richard Bennet, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Valerie Frankel
Brooklyn Heights

I love Perfect Renovation! Thanks to them, I have the kitchen of my dreams. You really get to know people when they're in your house every day, tearing up the floor. The Perfect Renovation guys were fun to have around and committed to getting the job done on schedule. The fact that they're highly skilled carpenters, electricians and plumbers is a given. Nadav and company always made wonderful aesthetic suggestions, and were adept at trouble shooting, too. Whenever there was a slight problem, the Perfect Renovation team was over in a flash to fix it. When Nadav chose the word "Perfect" for his company name, he wasn't kidding.

Valerie Frankel, Brooklyn Heights