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Now, here is the best of both worlds...

Since Perfect Renovation enjoys both design and build capabilities, we can offer the complete and integrated Design-Build service. This means we provide both architectural services and construction under one roof - all by one perfectly orchestrated team.

Our special Design-Build model holds compelling advantages for you:

You save time! Save the time spent on preparing an elaborate bidding set and the lengthy bidding process. With our simultaneous processing of the project by the same team, construction can start long before the entire design is completed. All along, unnecessary design detailing time, as well as traditionally cumbersome communication between architect and builder, are avoided by the direct and instant communication, common knowledge and language within our company.

Get the quality! The communication and professional respect between our building crews and the designers is optimal! Our carpenters do not hesitate before they "bother" the architect. They simply call right away with any questions. In addition to this intense field feedback, our company invests in quality assurance measures: daily 'check-in's', weekly project reviews and frequent site walkthroughs to assure the highest standards.

Save money! We save design cost because we apply internal standards to eliminate the need to draft the obvious.

Our builders are not robots. We actively involve them early on in the planning process to find the most cost-effective solutions. This allows us to keep the entire construction costs dramatically low!

We save the cost of redoing work because the communication is efficient and clear from the start.

When builders are not confident about materials or processes, they usually tend to overprice. We do not need this safety net: We just ask each other and save your money.

The One-Stop-Shop: It is completely convenient for you to work with only one entity. Melding the separate trades is no longer your job. You will achieve a much higher comfort level with one point of contact that saves you the time and frustration of coordination and synchronization between different companies.

Responsibility We offer you a single and centralized point of responsibility. No more traditional tensions and legal conflicts between separate builder and designer as to who is responsible for what!